14 Sales Triggers to Boost your Pitch

Sales Trigger Clock

Have you ever heard of the term sales triggers? Do you know what it actually means? If not, this article will shed some light on it. Sales trigger events very useful pieces of information—especially if you work in B2B sales. We’ll show you not only what sales triggers are and can do, but also the […]

Buying Addresses in B2B Sales: How to Do It Right


Admit it, you’ve thought about buying address lists to boost your B2B sales, right? No problem—the same probably goes for most companies in the B2B sector. But do you know what the advantages are to buying addresses and what you should look out for when buying B2B address lists?   Where we use B2B addresses is quite diverse, […]

Big Corporations and SMEs: German Companies Drive the Global Economy

Deutsche Unternehmen

Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe: German companies with strong sales enjoy a high international reputation. Small and medium-sized (SMEs) German companies drive the market, and “Made in Germany” is the international hallmark of extraordinary quality. German economic policy promotes a broad and competitive industrial environment with a strong focus on innovative […]

Buyer Personas in B2B: All You Need to Know (+Free Template)

Creating a robust and detailed buyer persona for your B2B business is a critical activity you must undertake if you haven’t already. Selling in a B2B setting is tricky since the target company’s decision-makers, meaning your potential customers, are weighing your product or service against your competitors on their own terms. Yes, your product might […]

19 Must-Have CRM Integrations for Your B2B Sales

Today, we will focus on sales productivity. Therefore, we are going to talk about a tool which is almost unavoidable for salespeople: the CRM system. It is the place where companies “hoard” not only their existing customers and all the associated B2B data, but usually also those who are yet to become customers—aka. prospects and […]