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title:The self-concepts of spanish children and adolescents with low vision and their sighted peers
author:López-Justicia, M. (» author profile)
Pichardo, M. (» author profile)
Fernández, E. (» author profile)
Amezcua, J. (» author profile)
published by:Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 95
Pages (from-to):150-160
abstract:"Three studies of Spanish students with low vision, aged 4–7, 8–11, and 12–17, found that overall, the participants’ scores for some dimensions of self-concept were lower than those of comparison groups of sighted students of the same ages. Because the participants with low vision were found to have difficulty coping with a number of situations in their school and social lives, it is suggested that teaching and learning methods should be changed to incorporate strategies, such as cooperative learning, that may help improve the self-concept and academic performance of students with low vision." (source: author)
keywords:developing competences > low vision skills
didactics and methods > didactics
didactics and methods > methods
impairments > severe low vision
inclusion / integration > inclusion of visually impaired children
learning process > social learning
thematic classification > research

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