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title:Howe Press & the Perkins Brailler
author:Seymour-Ford, J. (» author profile)
Andries, K. (» author profile)
McGinnity, B. (» author profile)
publisher location:New York
abstract:When Michael Anagnos became Perkins’ second director in 1876, the printing department had been producing tactile books for more than 40 years. The press had always struggled for funding, and Anagnos was determined to make it self-sustaining. A consummate fundraiser, Anagnos created a $100,000 endowment for the printing department, renaming it Howe Memorial Press as a tribute to his father-in-law Samuel Gridley Howe, Perkins’ first director.

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keywords:developing competences > braille
didactics and methods > educational development
people > other professionals
people > parents
people > pupils
people > teachers
thematic classification > basic information

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