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title:College Students Who Are Deafblind - Perceptions of Adjustment and Academic Supports
author:Arndt, K. (» author profile)
published by:AER Journal - Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, Vol. 3, No. 1
Pages (from-to):12-19
link:Link to the Journal
abstract:This descriptive qualitative interview study investigates the perspectives of college students who are deafblind. The purpose of the research was to investigate participants perceptions about being college students and deafblind and to gain insights into their experiences. Qualitative methods were used to conduct videotaped interviews with 11 students. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed. Results of the study indicate that students had to manage both adjustments to visual impairment and academic supports. Implications for practice include being knowledgeable about deafblindness and supporting selfdetermination skills.

(Source: Abstract)
keywords:didactics and methods > evaluation
didactics and methods > methods
impairments > deafblindness
inclusion / integration > inclusion of visually impaired children
people > pupils
people > teachers
thematic classification > teaching practice

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