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title:Inclusive Education Across Cultures - Crossing Boundaries, Sharing Ideas
author:Timmons, V. (» author profile)
Alur, M. (» author profile)
editor:Timmons, Vianne; Alur, Mithu
publisher location:London
publisher:Sage Publications Inc
abstract:"Inclusive Education across Cultures: Crossing Boundaries, Sharing Ideas" brings together multiple perspectives through multiple voices to present a compelling case for inclusive practices, across boundaries in different areas of inclusive education, ranging from policy initiatives to practices on the ground level and advocating and creating awareness. The book is about crossing those false boundaries - north/south, disabled/abled, academic/practitioner, and parents/teachers. It encourages the divides we experience, whether they be system or role based, to be bridged. The editors utilize examples that are explicitly disability focused and at the same time present a vision of inclusion that is about societal reform. If we can successfully provide education to our most vulnerable children, the education of all children will improve. One of the main features of the book is the diversity that it portrays. Contributors from around the world have used their knowledge and unique perspectives to provide current research, policies, views, and opinions. Such multiple perspectives helps obtain a global perspective on people with disabilities and inclusion.

(Source: Description via Amazon)
keywords:didactics and methods > educational development
didactics and methods > evaluation
didactics and methods > methods
inclusion / integration > general inclusive education
thematic classification > for discussion

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