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title:Impact of segregation and inclusive education at the basic education level on children with low vision in Ghana
author:Agbeke, W. (» author profile)
print run:5
published by:International Congress Series, Vol. 1282, September 2005
Pages (from-to):775-779
abstract:This study was carried out to determine the impact that both segregation and inclusive education at the Basic Level have on children with low vision in Ghana. In all, 54 participants were involved in the study. The instruments used in the collection of data for this study were a semi-structured interview schedule and a questionnaire. Both interview and questionnaire items were based on, academic performance, orientation and mobility, activities of daily living, social interaction and the challenges and prospects of the two programmes. The results showed that visually impaired children from both programmes have problems with movement initially but overcome it after a year. Socially, children from inclusive programmes better participated in family and community activities than their counterparts in the special school. There was no significant difference in the academic performance of children from the two programmes. The two programmes have challenges but the prospects of inclusive education looks brighter. There is a balance in terms of academic performance and socialization.

(Source: Introduction)
keywords:country > Africa
didactics and methods > evaluation
impairments > low vision
inclusion / integration > inclusion of visually impaired children
learning process > learning
thematic classification > research
thematic classification > teaching practice

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