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A Parent Guide to Mainstream Visual Impairment Education in Scotland


This is a Visual Impairment Scotland publication. For this to be successful parents, educationalists and other professionals must work as closely as possible to determine the successful delivery of an appropriate, planned education that enables the visually impaired child to thrive at school.
Often parents feel unsure about what is the best way forward for their child. They may want to know more about their rights as parents; about what types of educational placement would suit their child. They may feel ill-equipped in knowing what their child should receive in terms of their special educational needs

Accredited Schools Online – Helping Students with Visual Impairment


Addressing each need of students with visual impairments and improving overall accessibility are vital to their academic success. This guide explains how colleges are creating more welcoming and inclusive learning environments, with a sharp focus on assistive technology, campus resources that provide assistive services and tools, information about scholarships for students with visual impairments, and online resources they can access to facilitate academic and career success.

Birmingham University


Offers part time distance learning postgraduate courses on visual impairment.



Carroll is located in Newton, Massachusetts, USA and is known for the International Training Program for professionals in the field

ChildVision Ireland


ChildVision provides educational opportunities for Ireland’s blind and partially sighted children and young adults, giving them the best chance to reach their full potential.
It is a primary school and a secondary school, a residential centre, a therapy centre and a pre-school. They are also the nationwide resource centre for parents of blind, partially sighted and multi-disabled visually impaired students, mainstream schools and professionals wishing to upskill on Visual Impairment qualifications. Yhe outreach resource team provides support to hundreds of students and families in communities throughout Ireland and offers additional outreach facilities on campus.

Cornucopia of Disability Information - List of schools for the VI


This database contains the name and address of over 570 schools for the blind in the world. This is a compiled list from the former Overseas Blind Foundation of Santa Rosa California.

Dorton House School


Special school run by the Royal London Society for the Blind.

Elementary school and resource centre for children and youth with low vision, Hungary


Elemetary school for children and with low vision as well as children with additional impairments in Budapest, Hungary. The English version can be found in the "general topics" of the didactic pool.

ELTE University

Budapest, Hungary


The Disability Centre at ELTE aims at ensuring equal opportunities, accessibility and it offers support to national and international students /teachers and staff across the university who have disability or chronical illness which impacts upon their ability to participate fully in university life.

Emajoe Kool Tartu


School and resource centre for children with visual impairment in Estonia.

German Jordanian University


This German Jordanian University web page gathers resources for people working with visually impaired children in the Arab world.

Huseby resource centre


Resource centre for children and young persons with visual impairment, Oslo, Norway

IBOS Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted, Denmark


The Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted (IBOS) is the national competence- and rehabilitation centre in Denmark for young and adults with visual impairment.

IBOS offers counselling, unravelling, individually arranged rehabilitation, training, education, sheltered workshops and residence for partially sighted or blind citizens.
In addition to this IBOS offers a great number of training and courses for professionals who work with visually disabled citizens.

Joseph Clarke School and Service


School and resource centre in the South East of England

Lithuanian Training Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired


School for children and young people with visual impairment in Vilnius, Lithuania

New College Worcester


National residential school and college for young people who are blind or partially sighted in UK.

Onerva Centre for Learning and Consulting


Former Jyväskylä School for the Visually Impaired

Perkins school for the blind


Perkins School for the Blind provides education and services for children and adults around the world who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired.Webcasts are also available on the Perkins YouTube channel.

RIDBC Renwick Centre


RIDBC Renwick centre is a centre for research and professional studies in the field of education for children with sensory disabilities.

Sächsisches Förderzentrum (SFZ)


SFZ is an education and support enterprise offering services for blind, visually impaired and multiply disabled individuals in Chemnitz, Germany.

School for the Blind in Budapest


Kindergarten, Elementary, Special Vocational and Boarding School for Visually Impaired Children.

Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU).


Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University in Lushoto, Tanzania is a Christ-centered university focusing all its programmes through the guidance of and obedience to the word of God and by conducting and promoting higher education, learning, research, through scientific fact-finding and enquiries, to all students and staff without discrimination. The Tanzania Commission for Universities recently approved SEKOMUs curriculum for the MASTER OF EDUCATION IN SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAMME. The programme will take off in April 2013. SEKOMU thereby becomes the first University in the country to have a postgraduate degree programme in the field of Special Education.



Statped is a national service for special needs education made up of four regions and a main office located in Oslo.
Statped is a national service made up of four regions under the leadership of a main office located in Oslo.
Statped is currently undergoing a reform that is intended to secure users all over the country equal access to Statped’s services. Statped will work in six defined core areas: the hearing impaired, the visually impaired, the deaf-blind, those with language and speech difficulties, those with acquired brain injury and those with learning difficulties

Strazdumuiza school for children with visual impairment


Residential school and training centre for the visualli impaired in Riga/Latvia serving students in the school as well as students in mainstream settings.

Syncenter Refsnaes


The Danish Centre for Visual Impairment, Children and Youth is a nationwide institution providing services throughout Denmark.

Tambartun Competence Centre


Resource and competence centre for children and young persons with visual impairment in mainstream schools in Norway.

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired


School and resource centre in Austin, US.

The Overbrook School for the Blind


School for the visually impaired with an extensive international program.

The Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, Scotland


The school provides specialist education, term time residential care, therapies and health support for young people up to 18 years.

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting


On 1 August 2015, the Valteri network in Finland became the Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, which consists of six units: Mikael, Mäntykangas, Ruskis, Onerva (former Jyväskylä School for the Visually Impaired), Skilla (former Svenska skolan för synskadade and SPERES) and Tervaväylä.

Washington State School for the Blind


School and resource centre for the blind in Washington, US. Interesting video clips.

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