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African Union of the Blind


The African Union of the Blind - AFUB (a continent-wide conglomeration of national associations of/for blind and partially sighted persons in Africa), has for the last three years piloted a regional human rights project for the visually impaired in Africa, using Uganda as the satellite project country. This project is implemented in partnership with the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired (SRF), funded through MyRight/SIDA.

American Foundation for the Blind


The American Foundation for the Blind removes barriers, creates solutions, and expands possibilities so people with vision loss can achieve their full potential.

Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind


The Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind in Pakistan aims to develop services which will:
• Supplement the existing facilities.
• Reach out to the large mass of the Visually handicapped who have remained outside the purview of existing facilities, especially the youth who are still in the educable age.
• Provide educational, vocational training and job placement support and to expand employment opportunities.
• Identify the job which the blind can do with the aid of special devices and those without such aids and thus widen the possibilities of their absorption into non- traditional areas.
• Develop recreational and positive leisure-time for all age groups which aim at ‘whole’ personality development.
• Create community awareness and motivations to organize community-based vocational and recreational programs for the visually handicapped in the community.
• Break down rigid societal attitudes, prejudices and perceptions towards visually handicapped persons, whether they be children. Adolescents, adults or senior citizens, male or female



Bartiméus is a Dutch organisation who provides care, support, education and training for partially sighted or blind people. The organisation aims to improve their quality of life providing personal advice, guidance and knowledge.



This is a large multifaceted agency providing a wide range of services from prevention to education, counselling, rehabilitation and employment for persons with visual impairment as well as multiple disabilities. Today BPA is one of the largest organizations in Asia.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE)


The Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE) is an independent centre, set up in 1982, actively supporting inclusive education as a human right of every child. We are funded by donations from charitable trusts and foundations, with additional income from sale of publications and small grants for research or other projects. Our work is driven by a commitment to overcome barriers to learning and participation for all children and young people. Our activities include lobbying and campaigning, research, training, consultancy and dissemination of information.

Christoffel-Blindenmission CBM


CBM is an international Christian development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in low income regions of the world.

Deafblind International


To be the international association which promotes the awareness of deafblindness as a unique disability and to influence for appropriate services for people who are deafblind around the world.

To support professionals (such as educators, administrators, researchers, medial specialists etc) families and people who are deafblind to raise awareness of deafblindness. Central to our work is to support the development of services to enable a good quality of life for children and adults of all ages who are deafblind.
DbI will enhance organisational capacity to meet the needs of people who are deafblind.

Influence the development of services for the benefit of people who are deafblind and their families around the world.

DbI will encourage improvements in practice and creation of new knowledge by facilitating improved commun

EBU - European Blind Union


EBU works towards an accessible and inclusive society with equal opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to fully participate in all aspects of social, economic, cultural and political life.
. Aims
To encourage the development of a knowledge based network among professionals engaged in the field of rehabilitation, education and care of people with visual impairment.
To stimulate the exchange of WHO-ICF based scientific knowledge and practical experience.
To attain a consensus concerning optimum approaches and strategies by means of discussion in an open forum.



From yesterday to tomorrow :challenges faced and solutions applied

ENVITER The European Network for Vision Impairment Training Education & Research


All the members of ENVITER are specialised schools, colleges or institutes working with the Blind or Visually Impaired. ENVITER represents some of Europe’s leading specialists in this field. Members of ENVITER are aware of growing European Unification and of the necessity for co-operation on a permanent basis within the EU.

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education


The European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education is an independent and self-governing organisation, established by our member countries to act as their platform for collaboration in the field of special needs education.



Raising a Visually Impaired Child
On FamilyConnect you will find videos, personal stories, events, news and online community that can offer tips and support from other parents of children who are blind or visually impaired.

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired


Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red (FFVI)
is a special service provider with a social element as well as an advocacy organization for the blind and the partially sighted.

Helen Keller International


Founded in 1915, Helen Keller International is dedicated to saving the sight and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition by establishing programs based on evidence and research in vision, health and nutrition. We currently have more than 180 programs in 21 African and Asian countries, as well as in the United States

Hungry Fingers


Educational Tools for Young Learners with Special Needs
Hungry Fingers educational tools are designed to give visually impaired children the confidence that with poor vision, or even without sight, they can be in command of the space around them. They can learn how objects are related to one another, and why they look, or feel different when we draw them. They can learn that space can be divided and altered in many different ways, and that they are the ones who decide how they want to change

I.R.I.S. - Improvement through research in the inclusive school


ICEVI - International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment


ICEVI is the world wide organization connecting professionals working within the field of visual impairment.

ICEVI Pacific


The ICEVI Pacific Region consists of 14 member countries and is an ICEVI World sub organization.


European Network on Inclusive Education and Disability


IncluD-ed is centred around specific European cities, that develop a community of different players such as Local Promoting Groups (LPGs), comprising of local authorities, schools, universities, companies, public services, local associations, experts and other stakeholders who work together to promote initiatives in the areas of inclusive education and disability.

International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment


Idea: Sharing information and knowledge on the field of education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment.

International Council on English Braille


The purpose of the ICEB is to coordinate and improve standards for braille usage for all English spaking users of braille.

Johannesburg Society for the Blind


Services for visually impaired people in South Africa

Kenya Society for the Blind


Association with a mission to increase access to services and equalization of opportunities for persons with visual impairment

Lions World Service for the Blind


Lions World Service for the Blind in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of the world’s largest multi-service rehabilitation centres for blind and low vision persons.

l’Association Valentin Haüy


Ever since 1889 the l’Association Valentin Haüy has had an important role in the national and international work for the blind and low vision persons.

MDVI Euronet


A group of professionals dedicated to extending knowledge, understanding and best practice in the education of children and young people with multiply disabilities and a visual impairment.

National Federation of the Blind


NFB is the largest organization of blind people in the US

National Institute of Special Needs Education


NISE will contribute to realizing an education that meets special needs of individual children with disabilities, by operating a flexible and prompt action to address the national policy issues and the issues facing educational institutions, while collaborating with the national and local governments, as the only national center for special needs education in Japan.



Special article
Finland: Slow and Steady Reform for Consistently High Results

Finland is one of the world’s leaders in the academic performance of its secondary school students, a position it has held for the past decade.
This top performance is also remarkably consistent across schools. Finnish schools seem to serve all students well, regardless of family background, socio-economic status or ability. This chapter looks at the possible factors behind this success, which include political consensus to educate all children together in a common school system; an expectation that all children can achieve at high levels, regardless of family background or regional circumstance; single-minded pursuit of teaching excellence; collective school responsibility for learners who are struggling; modest financial resources that are tightly focused on the classroom and a climate of trust between educators and the community. Thousands of experts in education visit Finland every year to find out why. Here is the answer!



Non-profit organization that focuses on activities in improvement of quality of life for persons with visual impairment in Spain.



Opsis is the Greek word for “sight” and has been adopted as the short title of the National Association for the Education, Training and Support of Blind and Partially Sighted People. It was set up in 1992 by six independent charities who believed that, by working together, they could enhance the opportunities for people who are visually impaired.



Orbis operates the world’s only flying hospital. They work to change policies and budgets in support of eye health on a local, national and global scale. They provide education and collaborate with policy makers to improve eye care awareness and gain support for prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness.

Royal National Institute of Blind People RNIB


RNIB is the leading charity offering information, support and advice in the UK.



Special Educators for Disabled and Orphans Organization in Tanzania

SSC - Scottish Sensory Centre

University of Edinburgh

Holyrood Road
EH8 8AQ Edinburgh

Telefon: 0131 651 6501
Telefax: 0131 651 6502

The Scottish Sensory Centre promotes and supports new developments and effective practices in the education of children and young people with sensory impairments, that is; visual impairment, deaf and deafblind. It achieves this by means of CPD short courses, conferences, research and providing a postal resource library; and by dissemination of reports, research, course materials and new developments via this website, publications and presentations.

The American Council of the Blind


The American Council of the Blind is the nations leading membership organization of blind and low vision people.

The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.


Their function is to offer support to school managements in matters relating to special needs education, promote access to teaching materials and help the pupils fulfil their educational goals.

UNESCO Portal "Inclusive Education"


UNESCO is committed to promoting inclusive quality education through the following approaches:

- Reviewing and monitoring education policies in selected countries to ensure the inclusion of disadvantaged children in quality basic education
- Training education officials to promote improvement and implementation of education policies on inclusive quality education
- Analysing and disseminating good practices on inclusive quality



The vision of the Dutch Visio is that everyone with questions about being visually impaired or blind are welcome to contact them. Visio provides information and advice as well as services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation and training.

World Blind Union


The World Blind Union (WBU) is the global organization representing the estimated 285 million people worldwide who are blind or partially sighted. Members are organizations of and for the blind in 190 countries, as well as international organizations working in the field of vision impairment.

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