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Games Day

The students taking a Master’s Program in Visual Rehabilitation at the German Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan, have had field practice during the program and carried out visual assessment on children with visual impairment (VI). All students have former experience in different fields of special needs and know the conditions in the country. They have thus been able to modify the theory presented through lectures, literature and studying ISaR International and implemented seminar works suitable for the conditions in Jordan.

During the course on teaching children with VI the students were, among other tasks, asked to prepare an individual education plan for students they had formerly assessed. This was used throughout the course. They planned a sports day in an inclusive setting, they made a SWOT analyze on how to change a special school into a resource centre, used role play in teaching etc.

These students form the new generation of experts in Jordan as no-one else has this kind of expertise. Their ideas may be used in other countries with similar conditions. This paper is an example of the practical work that was carried out between the theoretical lectures.


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