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ISaR International is on the way to enter into a new phase. So far the home page has been kept up-to-date by the two editors and with some help from the colleagues in charge of the German ISaR Project. Now it is time to move forward and get a broader input regarding new useful materials e.g. for the didactic pool. Discussions with ICEVI Europe have taken place and the first ideas on how to further enhance the usability of ISaR International will be planned during the next ICEVI Conference in Bruges in Belgium in 2017 (

Until then we work as before in order to make ISAR International into a real source regarding education of children and young persons with visual impairment, to give the teachers and parents useful hints and ideas how to succeed in the teaching/learning process.

We have visited the home page from the 6th European Conference on Psychology and Visual Impairment (6TH ECPVI) that was held in November 2016, in Budapest, Hungary. This is a link worth visiting not only because of its really useful materials but also as the layout and the technical solutions are really remarkable. The link will be found under Conferences.
Emmy Csocsán and Solveig Sjöstedt

We recommend

The European Network for Psychologists and related professions working in the field of visual impairment (ENPV) has launched the materials from the conference in Budapest held in November 2016. The theme of the conference was ‘Psychological Survival Skills in a Sighted World’ and the materials can be found on the website or ISaR International, Links, Conferences.

Students with disability at ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary
The newly opened Disability Centre at ELTE aims to ensure equal opportunity and accessibility and it furthermore offers support to national and international students /teachers and staff across the university. Students who have a disability or a chronical illness which impacts upon their ability to participate fully in university life will thus receive support. Please visit their homepage under the university link, i.e. ELTE University. The main speciality is individual support, mentoring teachers and lecturers and regularly visiting the faculties in order to supervise the activities for the students with special needs. The leader of the disability center is Krisztina Kovács. The different faculties’ co-ordinators and the services rendered can be found on the ELTE homepage”

Accredited Schools Online – Helping Students with Visual Impairment
Addressing each need of students with visual impairments and improving overall accessibility are vital to their academic success. This guide explains how colleges are creating more welcoming and inclusive learning environments, with a sharp focus on assistive technology, campus resources that provide assistive services and tools, information about scholarships for students with visual impairments, and online resources they can access to facilitate academic and career success

A Parent Guide to Mainstream Visual Impairment Education in Scotland

This is a Visual Impairment Scotland publication. For this to be successful parents, educationalists and other professionals must work as closely as possible to determine the successful delivery of an appropriate, planned education that enables the visually impaired child to thrive at school.
Often parents feel unsure about what is the best way forward for their child. They may want to know more about their rights as parents; about what types of educational placement would suit their child. They may feel ill-equipped in knowing what their child should receive in terms of their special educational needs

Perkins Scout
Scout will guide you through a range of topics, including general information on blindness, help for families with relatives who are visually impaired, and resources for educators and other professionals.
Perkins School found on our school Link list is always worth a visit. A number of good ideas on how to work with children and adults with visual impairment can be found there. There is useful information for parents, educators as well as for visually impaired persons.

They have interesting videos on Typhilo & Tactus”

The aim of Typhilo & Tactus is to make more tactile illustrated books, better in quality, more tactialy efficient for all visually impaired children. YouTube as well.

The new World Braille Usage includes 133 languages and represents 142 countries. It can be found online at
ICEVI World has on their literature list the book Mathematics Made Easy for Children with Visual Impairment. You can download the book. Look for in our link list.

Department for Education Uk has launched an interesting home page on teaching learners with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties. Please visit the education subjects link.
Paths to Literacy
This website is the result of a joint project between Perkins School for the Blind : and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, By combining their resources and expertise, they hope to assist educators and families in the quest to provide literacy experiences for children who are blind or visually impaired.
The information on this site ranges from a basic overview of literacy to various stages of development and special challenges, as well as an exploration of different media (print, braille, auditory strategies).

Raising a Visually Impaired Child
On FamilyConnect you will find videos, personal stories, events, news and online community that can offer tips and support from other parents of children who are blind or visually impaired.

OPTIC - OPTimising the Inclusive Classroom
The Optic project illustrates how good environmental design for young learners with visual impairments results in improvements in learning for other students therefore inclusion of the young learner with visual impairment in the classroom is likely to lead to a more positive experience for all. It contains among other matters examples of good practice. Movies, PowerPoint, Survey and a Literature review

Flyer ISaR-International

ISaR is a web-based data bank and resource centre in the field of inclusive education and rehabilitation of children and young people with visual impairment.
This home page will continue the newest information in our field. We thus depend on close cooperation with you. Please send us information about your plans so that we can spread the information to everyone concerned.
The existing data base will be extended through cooperation with teachers, parents as well as students. Togetherness and networking, sharing the competences and resources are the key components in further development of the pedagogy for visual impairment.
To spread the information to your colleagues please use our flyer.

Here is the link to the flyer.

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